Friday, January 30, 2009

Interior Restore - Part 6 - Floor Pan Prep

The rocker panels, frame rails, torque boxes, etc, basically everwhere the floor pan attaches to or covers, was sanded, treated with picklex 20 rust converter and painted with Zero rust paint.

Here is what it looked like before.  You can see all the old paint, primer, and some surface rust:

Notice the two tone paint job! :-).  On the rockers, I will use weld through primer on the lower part.  The top part of the paint will be masked off and the bottom sprayed with weld through primer.  The paint line represents where the floor pan originally was which will help when putting the new one back in and getting it fitting right.

Matt getting jiggy with the DA on the bottom of the floor pan. Getting it all scuffed up and ready for 3 coats of Zero Rust. I asked him which he liked better, block sanding the roof or sanding on the floor pan. He said the floor pan was alot easier.


  1. Wow you guys are doing great work. Have you done anything with the rear frame rails or trunk area yet?


  2. Gib,

    We have not started on the rear yet. It will be next. I am pretty sure it will need a full trunk pan. We are going to widen the wheel tubs, so might just do all custom sheetmetal back there instead of buying the $400 trunk pan.