Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roof Repair - Part 1 - Shave Drip Rail

The Roof was the really the worst part of the car. Drip rails were rusted out, lots of rust pit holes, and several dents and creases. This is part one of the roof repair and demonstrates cutting out the rusted drip rail and sail panel sections, welding in new metal and prepping for paint. Click to enlarge pictures

1. Sheet metal screws secure the roof to the inner structure (holes welded up later)

2. Rusted Drip rail cutout

3. Repair piece cut out of sheetmetal and clamped in place

Repair piece tacked in placed

3. To keep the heat down to prevent warping the roof, the entire new piece had to be tack welded. I didn't have my welder on the best setting, but still got decent penetration on the backside.

4. Welds smoothed out

5. Moisture got underneath the factory lead seam where the sail panel meets the quarter panel so the rusted section was cut out. The inner structure had some minor surface rust/pitting which was blasted and treated with a rust converter.

6. New Metal welded in and smoothed

7. Dynaglass water proof short strand fiber glass filler was applied, then lightly sanding and covered with Evercoat Rage Gold plastic body filler

8. Filler Block sanded and Smoothed

9. Final Blocking and Smoothing


  1. good job guys ,the lack of a drip rail will cause some people to say what is up , i just can't put my finger on it !!

  2. Sometimes there are companies that charge an excessive price for a somewhat basic repair and taking quotes from other providers can allow you to get the best possible price.

  3. That's definitely NOT the way I shaved my drip rail, but I guess it works...

    I retained my factory body line underneath the drip rail by taking notes from the Ring Brothers reactor build. You risk creating an unweldable surface, but it turns out much more authentic.

    Good work though!

    1. Both drip rails on both sides are gone from start to finish and some of the roof as well,deep inside going down by windshield,anybody any Ideas

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