Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interior Restore - Part 4 - Final Cutout

I am begining to wonder if this is a father and son project, or just a father project.  Spent a little time tonight (Wednesday Night) getting the remainder of the floor pan out and Matt wasn't interested in helping.  The new one piece floor pan from NPD includes new torque box covers.  The old ones were in decent shape, but had some minor rust on the lower edges, So I went ahead and cut them out.  What a PITA... These things were like 8 or 10 gauge, so drilling out the spot welds took alot of work.  Probably spent one hour one each side getting them out.  Click to enlarge each pic

So how many tools does it take to cut out a floor?

Drilling spot welds and using an air chisel to peal away the remaining floor pan

I had already planned to widen the wheel tubs (inner housings) to help make room for the 18X9.5's, but after getting all the floor out, I am also going to put a full trunk pan in the car.  You can see the rust has gotten down into the seam between the wheel housing and the transition area trunk pan.

Passenger side torque box cover drilled out and cut.

Top removed, and guess what has been living here?  Hmm...  Good thing we have the feline fabricator.

Here is what the new torque box covers look like mocked up.

Pile of mangled up floor pan sheetmetal

Finally, every last bit of the floor pan has been removed.  Got to do some work prepping the frame rail extensions, rocker panels, etc for welding in the new pan.

New Floor Pan Ready to go in.... more to come soon...

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