Friday, January 30, 2009

Interior Restore - Part 5 - Dash Paint/Repair

The dash on a 65-66 is actually part of the frame.  The front windshield reveal is part of the dash.  The cowl is spot welded to this area from the factory.  The previous owner of the car removed the cowl by dilling out all the spot weld instead of using a spot weld cutter.  I welded up all the holes while matt used held a copper backer in place.

Here you can see the dash / windshield reveal area with all the holes:

Holes welded up:

Welds ground smooth and painted with Zero Rust Paint:

The dash had quite of bit of surface rust.  No pitting or rotted out areas. 

 We sanded it down good with 150 and 220 grit paper.  Treated it with picklex-20 rust converter.  Then sand and scuffed with Zero Rust.  Black zero rust leaves smooth satin finish.  Should look good on the interior as a finished product.

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