Sunday, January 11, 2009

6-18-2008 - The Purchase

I started this blog in Jan of 09, 7 months after the car was purchased, so back tracking a little to capture the begining.

We knew we wanted to do the car right, and to modify and customize alot of it, so the thought was, why start with a 5K driver just to have to tear it all down, find the hidden rust, etc? So we bought this 65 Coupe in El Dorado Arkansas, which is 5 hours from Dallas, TX. We found the car on craigslists, and as some of you know, the pic size on craigslist is limited, and the pics were taken from a distance so it was hard to tell just exactly what kind of shape the car was in. The car was advertized to have new floor pans, sandblasted and painted frame rails, and almost no rust. Well, that was not the case when we got to ARK to pickup the car. We were very disappointed, but it was cheap ($1300), and we had already spent time and gas money to get there so we brought it home. Here are some pics of how it looked when we picked it up. Except the decklid, pretty much every other panel on the car is either rusted or dented up badly. Good news is reproduction panels are readily available and pretty inexpensive, and we can do all the work ourselves. Going to be alot of work!!

Rear of Car

Interior is Rough

Another Interior Pic

Battery Tray Rusted Out



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