Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roof Repair - Part 3 - Epoxy Primer

Well, this has been the worst part of the car and most time consuming. In the future on a job like this, i will definitely just put a whole new roof skin on the car. It has certainly been a learning experience. The roof repair is now complete.

I was real proud of Matt.  He worked hard on this part of the car, block sanding, wire wheeling, preping, and just generally being a big help!

After all the rusted areas were either replaced with new metal or properly rust treated (blasted adn coverted), the roof was sprayed with 2 coats of PPG DP50LF 2 part epoxy primer mixed at 2:1 with the PPG activator. Click images to enlarge

Gravity Feed HVLP Gun with 1.4 Tip, PPG Primer, and Evercoat Rage Extreme. This epoxy primer is meant to be applied to bare metal and filler, and does an exceptional drive of sealing everything from allowing any air or moisture to reach the substrate, so if there happened to be any small amounts of rust left in the pits (doubtful) will not spread any further as rust requires air and/or moisture to spread.


  1. Is that the Harbor Freight HVLP gun?
    If so, how did it work out? I bought the same gun to spray some Kirker epoxy primer on my 67.


  2. Wow thanks for sharing exacta same thing I need to my coupes drip rail moldings.

  3. Yes, that is a HF HVLP gun. It does ok for spraying chassis and interior paint that will be hidden, you would not want to use it on exterior or visible surfaces.