Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roof Repair - Part 2 - Dent and Rust Repair

Part 2 of the repair process is to address the rust pitting and dents. As you can see, the front passenger side is in bad shape. All rust pits were sand blasted with a spot blaster, treated with Picklex 20 rust coverter. After the picklex 20 had a few days to cure and convert any remaining rust, the area was scuffed and filled.

Rust Pitting repaired by blasting out the rust. Some of the larger rust spots blew completely through, so small patch panels were made and welded in place.

Ridge Crease with

Big crease in on edge of roof above drip rail on driver side

Big dent at back of roof near rear window opening.

Dent pulled out, and studs clipped off. The remainder was ground down, and a little body filler applied to finish off the repair.

This roof was very thin, and had some oil canning which made it difficult to get level. all of the tiny white spots are where rust pits were, that were blasted out and filled and block sanded.

Entire roof / filler was block sanded using 40 / 80 / 180 grit paper using various dura-block's


  1. wow your roof looked as bad as the last Nova i worked on ,roofs can be so weird to work on sometimes because of the flexing and oil canning

  2. Willie, we definitely had problems with the flexing and oil canning. Makes it difficult to get the surface level.

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