Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Begining

My 14 year old son (Matt) and I are working on a 65 mustang project that will eventually be his daily driver. Our goal is to have it running by the start of his Junior year in High school, so only a couple of years away.

We have had the car for several months now and have already started on it. We will be going back and capturing the work we have already completed, then we will keep regular updates as we make progress.

Here are some of the things the car will have:

- Mustang II Style Tubular Coilover Front Suspension
- 4 Link Coilover rear suspsion with modified wheel tubs to fit the 18X9.5's
- 2Jz-GTE Twin Turbo Supra Motor with 6 Speed Trans
- But before all that, full sheetmetal repair, rust repair, body and paint


  1. Shoulder harness

    While you got it apart find a 68 mustang in a junk yard and see how ford put the shoulder harness anchor in the roof structure. Put it in and use it.

    Have you considered working the 6 cyl engine. It does not take much to build a VERY strong inline 6 that can keep up with the smaller V8's. Do some searching on the ford 6 there is a whole website on it.

  2. "2Jz-GTE Twin Turbo Supra Motor with 6 Speed Trans"

    You're kidding right?