Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interior Restore - Part 3 - Roof Paint

Today we continued the interior restoration. The inside of the roof was sanded/scuffed thoroughly. Old factor seam seeler was heated up and scraped off. heavily rusted areas were treated with Picklex 20 Rust Converter prior to painting. Most of the rusted color you see on the roof is not rust, it is the factory red oxide primer. The interior is being painted with Black Zero Rust Coating. Zero rust creats an air tight moisture barrier which helps to control corrosion and Rust. I sprayed most of it with the HVLP gun mixed at 15%, while hard to reach areas were sprayed with the small pre-val gun mixed at 10%.  Click to enlage pics

The package tray was rusted where it was spot welded to the floor and on the passenger side sail panel mounting point. It had to come out anyway for the mini tubs.

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