Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trunk Pans and Tail light panel complete

After the frame rails were repaired, we put in the new cross member and trunk pans. The trunk pan installation was probably the easiest things we have done on the car to date. Piece of Cake!

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Here you can see the driver side trunk pan welded in, gas tank installed.

Closeup of the Rosette Weld technique (plug weld).

Here is a shot of both pans in, before we put welded the tail light panel in.

Most of the sheetmetal we have put on the car has been reproduction pieces stamped in China. It's cheap, but usually doesnt fit well. Since the tail light panel is a prominent part of the rear of the car, we spent the extra $$$ and got the stamping from original Ford tooling.

And here is a shot of the rear of the car with quarter extensions and decklid isntalled with the new tail light panel... it's coming along slowly but surely...

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