Sunday, February 28, 2010

Passenger Side Door

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Now that the Driver door is finished, we moved on to the Passenger side door. This side is in much better shape. With the exception of a few small dents, the sheetmetal is in great shape. No Rust! The door had been previously repainted. There was a skim coat of body filler on the entire door, primer, and a couple of layers of paint on top of that.

Matt got busy removing all of old paint, primer, and body filler. We use a few different tools for paint removal, in this pic he is an 8" 80 grit sanding disc on slow speed on a variable speed sander / buffer.

Once we removed all of the materials, it exposed 6 wholes that were filled with body filler. This is where trim was previously attached. Matt punched out some little patch disc's and got prepped them for welding.

The old man knocked out the welding. (pro fab skills on display!)


Nice flat Rosette weld, with good penetration

All welds completed

Matt took the lead on grinding down the welds. He didn't volunteer to do this. He received some strong encouragement that motivated him to complete the job.

Weld ground down, it's now ready for a small amount of filler to finish it off.


  1. Only a pro would wear one glove to weld :-)

    Great work! You keep me motivated with my project.

  2. Hi James, is Bondo really your last name? If it is, it's quite fitting for being a car guy! Thanks for the comments. I just checked out your blog, and added myself as a follower. I know what you mean about motivation. When you have such a tall mountain to climb, it's hard to get out and get going, and reading about the recent work of others can fire you up.