Sunday, February 28, 2010

Driver Side Door

Now that we have the rear of the car all completely free of rust, we are working our way toward the front of the car. So next we are working on the Doors. This is the driver side door. The outer skin was in bad shape. It had taken a pretty big hit in an accident and had a fairly large crease on the body line. We decided to put a new skin on the door. Unfortunately the camera was acting up while we were doing this, so we don't have all the detailed pictures.

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Here is the door frame with the skin removed.

here is the inside of the skin after it was removed.

Inner door frame.

We missed a few steps in the process due to the camera, but here is inner door frame fully restored, all new hardware inside. New regulator, latch, handles, rollers, etc. It opens and closes as good as new. We also lined the new door skin with Second Skin's Damplifier sound deadner.

Here is the driver door on the car with the new skin.

We need to do some final tweaking to get the gaps fitting better, but it's pretty decent overall.

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