Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rear Valance Work

Matt and I never said we were Chip Foose or Rad Rides by Troy! We have had our first major setback on the car. We replaced both full quarter panels, new rear frame rails, new crossmember, tail light panel. With all this being replaced, and some of it with repro sheetmetal, we had a situation where the rear valance didn't fit right to each quarter panel.

Never fret, we will fill the gap with sheetmetal and mold/blend the seam and make it disappear.

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Here you can see the gap between the rear valance and quarter panel.

We made a little template, and Matt cut out a piece of sheetmetal to fill the gap, here it is tacked in place.

Patch fully welded and smoothed.

The weld was covered with a think layer of water proof fiberglass reinforced body filler. It's made by Dyna-Glass.

The Dyna-glass was block sanded, and a couple of skim coats of Evercoat Rage Extreme filler were applied and block sanded. We spot primed the areas with PPG Epoxy primer.

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